1. Designing a national strategic narrative →

    Continuing on the theme of the design mind and its value in crafting solutions to complex problems in fresh ways, consider the newly infamous article by “Mr. Y” on a national strategy. This approach to rethinking the core messages about national policies has two characteristics that are similar to the way designers think: re-imagining the solution, beyond the traditional form of the question, and weaving it into a thoughtful narrative.

    “This narrative advocates for America to pursue her enduring interests of prosperity and security through a strategy of sustainability that is built upon the solid foundation of our national values. As Americans we needn’t seek the world’s friendship or to proselytize the virtues of our society. Neither do we seek to bully, intimidate, cajole, or persuade others to accept our unique values or to share our national objectives. Rather, we will let others draw their own conclusions based upon our actions. Our domestic and foreign policies will reflect unity of effort, coherency and constancy of purpose. We will pursue our national interests and allow others to pursue theirs, never betraying our values. We will seek converging interests and welcome interdependence. We will encourage fair competition and will not shy away from deterring bad behavior. We will accept our place in a complex and dynamic strategic ecosystem and use credible influence and strength to shape uncertainty into opportunities. We will be a pathway of promise and a beacon of hope, in an ever changing world.”

    “Mr. Y” is actually two senior military officers attached to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.